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Outsourced Business Administration

Run Your Business
Like A Superhero

Small Business Adminstration Services To Help You Grow

Running a small business requires SUPERHERO abilities!   Not only are we expected to know our trade inside and out but we are also expected to be able to handle ALL of the administrative functions pertaining to maintaining and developing our small business.   And we need to do these things simultaneously and in many cases it seems 7 days a week 365 days a year….year after year after year.

And even in the comic books…the best Superheroes get worn out.  And so it is the case with most of us small businesses owners as we try to answer the questions of: Should I expand?  Should I market?  Is it safe to hire someone?  How Much Money am I really making?  How do I make the business grow within a vision that best works for me (and my family)?

Whether you are just starting out in a small business or have been at it for 20-30 years LISA CAN HELP!!!

How do we do that?

We can take the baby that is your small business and help you nurture it so that your small business can be independent and NOT TOTALLY RELIANT ON YOU!

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Customized Outsourced Business
Administration Packages

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Starter Package

Streamline The Launch Of Your New Business
$ 10,000 One Time Fee
  • Detailed Business plan covering every aspect of your business. This includes an education on HOW a successful business should run and all the functions that should be happening simultaneously and how you can make this happen EVEN IF YOUR ARE ONLY (1) person! We accomplish this WITH YOU in under (1) month.
  • (20) hours of consulting services in any administrative
    function in your business

    • Insurance, Legal, and Financial Advice

    • Hiring

    • Setting up standard bookkeeping  (receivables and payables)

    • Web site Design and development

    • Marketing (Tshirts, business cards, copywriting)

    • Setting up standard scheduling for service and new construction work

    • Quality control

    • Public relations and best practices to acquire new business
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LISA Consulting Package

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Terms Unlocked After Completion of Starter Package

LISA Team Member Package

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Terms Unlocked After Completion of Starter Package

LISA Partner Package

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